About Us

AxisOps have been providing businesses with expert DevOps assistance since 2013. Based in Eastbourne, we support the whole of the UK. Explore our history, who we are and, more importantly, what makes us tick.

Our Expertise

We are expert IT system engineers. We have deep experience in Linux, DevOps principles and Continuous Integration (CI/CD). We are evangelists for IT automation and replication that unlocks potential in businesses of all sizes. Explore each in more detail here.

Engagement Types

We offer four different engagement types, matched to how you want to work with us and what level of assistance you require. Each has a specific set of attributes and each engagement type is offered as an independent contract. These attributes include whether the work is governed by an SLA, what we are responsible for and what we ask of our customers. 

Data Centre & Cloud

Deciding where to run all or part of your applications is a big undertaking and is often confusing. 

You could choose a public cloud (such as Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure), or a private cloud (private data centre), or a mixed hybrid offering  where some parts work on a public data centre and some private. Your setup could also include on premises deployments. 

We are experts in helping businesses find the right solution for their needs, and we can work with you as part of our ‘Consult & Advise’ engagement solution, in developing your roadmap, or under a ‘Develop, build & deliver’ engagement solution, to actually deploy your application into public or private clouds. We are also available to run your full application under an SLA backed managed offering. 

Data Centre Fulfilment 

We can help you scale, from quarter racks to entire data centre floors, providing a total end-to-end managed solution with our connectivity partners and providing you with fully automated, highly resilient managed infrastructure for you to run your platform and digital workloads upon. 

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of transferring your on-premises applications and data to a managed cloud computing environment. Your platform can also be transferred from one cloud environment to another, or removed from a cloud environment back to a data centre.  

Why is it best practice for businesses? 

Some of the main benefits of Cloud Migration for business include increased scalability, reduced costs, better storage, automated tasks, operational flexibility, extensive mobility and quick disaster recovery systems. Most of our clients have seen huge cost savings from building their own infrastructure. 

How can we help? 

Consultancy and Cloud Migration Services: 

We can offer expert advice in deciding how and where to use private, public and hybrid clouds. In order to provide you with the best advice, we complete a technical discovery phase under our ‘Consult and Advise’ engagement offering to observe how your business operates and identify the best solution to benefit your business. 

We can help you identify your digital workload dependencies that can be refactored and migrated or in some cases directly lifted and shifted and map out a path for your system future.

Following this we provide you with a full report detailing our findings and recommendations for moving forward.  

From here you have the choice to move forward of your own volition or to continue working with us under our ‘Develop, build & deliver’ engagement solution to complete cloud migration to a cloud provider of your choice, your own private data centre, or to use us for the entire process and utilise our ISO 27001 compliant data centre. We can also help you build your infrastructure in many of the co-location facilities around the world. 

We can take on the responsibility of managing your applications as part of our SLA backed managed service solution by providing the infrastructure and platforms in AWS, Azure or in your own private data centre.  

Consult & Advise

Zero commitment consultancy to define your ideal roadmap or solve a specific issue.

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Develop, build & deliver

Fully defined project-led development, producing a specific benefit for your company.

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Support & Assist

On-demand help desk and assistance, with your systems still run and controlled by your team.

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Managed Systems

Hand us full responsibility for the running of your systems, backed by our comprehensive SLA.

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