About Us

AxisOps have been providing businesses with expert DevOps assistance since 2013. Based in Eastbourne, we support the whole of the UK. Explore our history, who we are and, more importantly, what makes us tick.

Our Expertise

We are expert IT system engineers. We have deep experience in Linux, DevOps principles and Continuous Integration (CI/CD). We are evangelists for IT automation and replication that unlocks potential in businesses of all sizes. Explore each in more detail here.

Engagement Types

We offer four different engagement types, matched to how you want to work with us and what level of assistance you require. Each has a specific set of attributes and each engagement type is offered as an independent contract. These attributes include whether the work is governed by an SLA, what we are responsible for and what we ask of our customers. 

icon-2 Develop, Build & Deliver

These projects involve the production of a specific deliverable, which we both agree will assist in your digital transformation and improve your IT and systems landscape.

We will often proactively suggest development projects as a result of a Consult & Advise engagement, where we can see the benefit to your organisation’s vision.

Projects at this tier could be a specific automation, a cloud migration or new system development.

At the completion of the project we will assist with a handover and training, but you are not tied into lengthy support contracts or engagements. A Develop, Build & Deliver project is, however, covered by a robust warranty.

Develop, Build & Deliver projects help your organisation to move towards your vision of future operational success, with defined outcomes and expert devops assistance.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

No SLA but warranty provided

Engagement type

Fixed deliverable

Engagement length

Days to months

Typical price

From £2,000, typically £10k-£20k

Access to systems

Limited, case-by-case basis


Ansible, Hashicorp, Kubernetes, Data Centre, Public & Private Cloud