About Us

AxisOps have been providing businesses with expert DevOps assistance since 2013. Based in Eastbourne, we support the whole of the UK. Explore our history, who we are and, more importantly, what makes us tick.

Our Expertise

We are expert IT system engineers. We have deep experience in Linux, DevOps principles and Continuous Integration (CI/CD). We are evangelists for IT automation that unlocks potential in businesses of all sizes. Explore each in more detail here.

Engagement Types

We offer four different engagement types, matched to the level of assistance you require. Each has a specific set of attributes and is offered as an independent contract. This includes whether the engagement is governed by an SLA, what we are responsible for and what we ask of our customers. 



BrightLocal provide tools and services that enable marketeers and small businesses to be able to excel in online web marketing.  

We have worked with BrightLocal since 2013. Over the years we have provided many services, including the establishment of their first private data centre, but most recently we provided them with a fully automated software defined network within their data centre. Their networking solution had organically grown over several years, with multiple vendors. This led to an inconsistent, manual approach to updating configs and security – it was time consuming and required a manual process with quite a lot of oversight by other team members. 

We provided them with a β€˜Develop, Build & Deliver’ and a β€˜Support & Assist’ engagement solution. This involved providing a standard topology around the open networking hardware specification, and a single configuration source of truth to allow rapid reconfiguration and reprogramming of their software-defined network. 

A single unified networking stack across their entire UK data centre allowing rapid deployment and testing of configurations and unified observability throughout their stack.  

Technologies used – Dell Open Switch hardware, Ansible, GitLab, PFSense, GNS3