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AxisOps have been providing businesses with expert DevOps assistance since 2013. Based in Eastbourne, we support the whole of the UK. Explore our history, who we are and, more importantly, what makes us tick.

Our Expertise

We are expert IT system engineers. We have deep experience in Linux, DevOps principles and Continuous Integration (CI/CD). We are evangelists for IT automation and replication that unlocks potential in businesses of all sizes. Explore each in more detail here.

Engagement Types

We offer four different engagement types, matched to how you want to work with us and what level of assistance you require. Each has a specific set of attributes and each engagement type is offered as an independent contract. These attributes include whether the work is governed by an SLA, what we are responsible for and what we ask of our customers. 

Welcome to the new AxisOps website

Published: November 1, 2021

Whether you’re an existing customer, brand new to working with us or just browsing; welcome to the new AxisOps website.

For those used to calling us The Network Factory, this is our new home, name and brand; a clear place to communicate what we do and, more importantly, what we stand for.

The world of devops had, to us, become a somewhat unclear place.

If you are technically-minded then it was possible to find people who said the right thing, but often impossible to secure delivery on mutually agreeable terms. In essence; you could find people who said the right thing, but didn’t do it in the right way.

If you are non-technically-minded then it was impossible to cut through the devops jargon and find a company that did things the right way, explaining what that right way was in clear language. Finding the right assistance was a bit of a lottery ticket.

Our reason for existing, as it always has been, is to do devops the right way. We think that means communicating what we do clearly, in a down to earth manner. We also think it means making sure that everything we do is geared towards improving your business.

Devops, to us, should mean there’s a defined impact on what you do. It should make you more profitable or make your business run better. In short, it should work to move you closer to your vision of your ideal business.

That’s what we’re here to do and that’s the reason for the new website. We’ve made it clearer what exactly we do, how we work, who we work with, how you can choose to engage with us and what the end result will be.

Your digital vision. Our IT automation and systems engineering.

We hope you’ll join us along the way.