About Us

AxisOps have been providing businesses with expert DevOps assistance since 2013. Based in Eastbourne, we support the whole of the UK. Explore our history, who we are and, more importantly, what makes us tick.

Our Expertise

We are expert IT system engineers. We have deep experience in Linux, DevOps principles and Continuous Integration (CI/CD). We are evangelists for IT automation that unlocks potential in businesses of all sizes. Explore each in more detail here.

Engagement Types

We offer four different engagement types, matched to the level of assistance you require. Each has a specific set of attributes and is offered as an independent contract. This includes whether the engagement is governed by an SLA, what we are responsible for and what we ask of our customers. 

Our History

AxisOps was founded in 2013 to take a modern DevOps approach to IT.

We actually started life in 2001, operating as two separate companies...

The Network Factory – a sysadmin company for web-based businesses requiring platform development, hosting and internet services.

Firestone IT – an IT support company providing on-premises IT support for SMEs.

Between 2001 and 2013 we acquired a number of small, strategic companies and their technologies to enhance our portfolio.

Then, in 2013, attitudes shifted...

Web-based businesses were becoming more aware of the need for compliance, security and integrity of their platforms, whilst the IT departments of traditional organisations were recognising the benefits of running parts of their infrastructure in the cloud and in data centres.

AxisOps began applying a 'continuous life cycle' approach to meeting the needs of the IT business world. With emerging technologies and automation languages, we were able to unify our vision for automated infrastructure 'defined in code' for any business.

A new enabling technology, Docker, was key to achieving our vision. Docker, along with automation languages and microservice based architecture, started emerging as a better way to build, test and deploy online platforms and applications.

By 2016 we had built an end-to-end container orchestration platform, consulted for dozens of organisations, and 'lifted and shifted' customer applications to modern containerised environments.

By 2018 we had a full complement of offerings for SMEs wishing to 'lift and shift' their Windows infrastructure, including virtual desktops, into the cloud or regional data centres.

By 2019 we had developed a full observability stack, bringing cost efficiencies and true insight into customer applications.

Today, whether it's automating a simple web application or providing a full software defined network, we continue to excel in consultancy and advice, and building and supporting our customers' platforms and applications.